Before Your Appointment

You will receive a booking confirmation stating a time and venue, with the price of the treatment. If you are happy with all of the arrangements, then you don't need to do anything else.

If there are any issues or irregularities then please get in contact as soon as possible to rearrange.

What to wear during your appointment

Massage Treatments

As body treatments require you to dress down, you will have privacy to remove your clothing. You will remain in your underwear. You will have towels to cover yourself at all times, maintaining your privacy and dignity

Reflexology and Reiki

As these are not massage treatments, you will not need to remove your clothing. To gain the maximum benefit from the treatments, it is advised to wear comfortable clothing


What to expect after your appointment

Treatments can have very powerful side effects, especially if you have been in discomfort or highly stressed for a long time.

Mostly, you may feel very relaxed and a little spaced out for a period. You may experience some discomfort around the treated area. You will be given advice on how to remedy any issues.

Lastly, we will give you follow up on your treatment to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your treatment

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