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Wellness is a journey not a destination

Cancer UK has a new campaign to highlight the issues around our expanding waistlines and the impact this has on cancer services, the NHS and public health.

At the beginning of my career in health in 1988, the number 1 and 2 public health issues were smoking and drinking. In particular, the cardiovascular and respiratory impacts of tobacco.

When I look around my friends and colleagues, albeit they are in the health industry, many of them are non smokers and teetotallers.

With the battle won on smoking and alcohol, we have now become a nation of expanding waistlines and couch potatoes. Or so the statistics would have you believe.

In truth, it is a battle of 90% in the kitchen and 10% between the ears for motivation to keep you as fit an well as possible. The impact of exercise on physical health is well documented.

Counsellors have advocated the benefits of exercise, no matter how little for a very long time. Nikki Taylor a leading expert on mindfulness and the treatment of grief, anxiety and depression has promoted the benefits of exercise.

"We look at a walk as just a break in the day. To unplug, leave your phone, iPod and lace up an go, allows us decompression time and an ability to reset ourselves. In our busy lives, how much time do we really have alone to figure out our issues?"

The over 50s have been under the spotlight as those who are in the 'squeezed middle', they are those who gave up smoking and drinking and are yet to get with the concept of fitness and wellness.

I personally believe it is a journey, not a destination. Wellness is not limited to your physicality and can be adopted at any point. So what are you waiting for? Youtube has excellent instructional videos and as I have highlighted in my friends and recommendations, the fitness classes don't have to be expensive.

Invest in yourself, you may be surprised. I know I was and I continue to be.

Keep positive


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