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Collaborations and Blessings

Today is an auspicious day, I begin my journey at The Light Centre in Monument. I spent yesterday with an amazing and inspiring group of new and existing therapists on a marketing course provided by the centre.

We began the day by way of introducing ourselves and creating our sales pitch. Each of us began nervously to discuss what services we offer, why we provide that service and what do our customers want.

There was a common theme amongst us all. We all had previous careers, in several cases very high flying, we found them increasingly encroaching on our personal and private lives. All of us had a health related issue related to the roles we had previously.

All of us had a 'light bulb' moment. When no matter what gains we made materially or personally, we were losing somewhere else. The discussion turned to balance. What can we offer to those who feel out of balance? How can we get our message out there?

I chose to integrate myself with the fitness community at the centre. By that, I mean joining the Yoga Class ran by the inspiring Alina. I inwardly chuckled at the thought of balance, she had to come and rescue me twice from falling over.

She then MADE me do a backwards dog AND a headstand. Both of which, if you know me, I would laugh at the thought. She said something which I really thought on, "You are too much in your head, don't overthink it, just do it."

I did, I am a little proud of that too. It underlines to me the need for collaboration, support and the blessings that it can bring. Asking for help, trusting yourself and your body.

I am grateful for the blessing of being here and if anyone is interested I can be found on Tuesday Mornings 8am (after Yoga) to 2pm at The Light Centre in Monument I will be happy to update you on my progresss

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