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Gratitude and Attitude - What is in your control and the effects on your body

It is that time of year when we look to the future and what is in our future. It is always easier to blame external forces for the negativity in our lives.

The things you can change and those you cannot are ever changing. This is a great point to review both and to take stock of what you have, what you need and what you don't.

There is significant evidence to support negative thought patterns and the effect that has on your body. An excellent article outlining those can be found here

As seldom few of us really want to be ill, what can you do to affect positive outcomes. I subscribe to two major drivers for wellness. Gratitude and Attitude.

Gratitude is not just being thankful for what you have, such as a home, family or work. It can extend to gratitude for the kindness of others. Those who are unselfish in the outlook and behaviours. Take time to extend your gratitude, it is as infectious as Australian Flu.

Attitude is an inconsistent bed fellow, at times we can wake feeling the world is against us and others that we are invincible. I find the view of 'this too shall pass' is beneficial. Do one more thing than yesterday. Say one less negative thing than yesterday.

I would be very interested in anyone else's top tips for banishing negative thoughts and feelings and would love to share. Please do get in touch via the link and I would be delighted to post your responses