Positive Optimising Wellness

Here are a few of our friends that are as positive and passionate about your health and wellness as we are

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Bee Fit Pilates is a fantastic and amazing company that transformed my life. Everyone has a fitness journey and mine began with Bee. Supportive, challenging and inspiring. Anyone in The City and East London should visit Bee at least once

Yoga, Pilates, Therapies

Light Centre is a haven in the middle of the city of Lon don. It is a pleasure to work here on Mondays and Tuesdays. The inspirational people, the love and positivity is sure to balance and energise everyone

Soft Tissue Therapy

Atlas SSTT's founder David Donne is the most talented therapist in the city. A lecturer at London School of Sports Massage, in demand at all of the top centres in London, you will be well placed to book in with David - if you can.

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